Our Clean, Green, Global is a platform of portfolios based on two different strategies: Strategic Market – emphasizing passive investing and Dynamic Market – offering an active satellite component along with a passive core. Both strategies are diversified across 16 asset classes and include index-based ETFs. Some of these ETFs screen the underlying holdings to favor companies that rank highly* on factors relating to environmental, social, and governance characteristics.

In short, the Clean, Green, Global platform is designed for those investors who are interested in positioning their investment portfolio to be more socially and environmentally responsible but want to be secure in the knowledge that a professional manager is selecting and adjusting the holdings when necessary, in their best interest.

Clean, Green, Global offers investors a chance to align their own personal core values regarding the environment, gender equality, social consciousness, and even corporate governance, with their choice of investment strategy.

*Rankings are provided by the third-party index provider and based on their unique proprietary methodology.

Clean, Green, Global Brochure