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May 17

Elevated but likely peaking

Last week’s Consumer Price Index inflation data noted elevated levels of inflation but also some signs that inflation may be near to peaking.  Financial conditions (stock market selloff, higher mortgage rates, higher inflation rates) are likely causing demand to soften. The bad news is that both Core CPI and PPI... read more →
May 10
May 05

Curve steepening is a good thing

Yesterday afternoon big risk rally was a pleasant break. The market came into Powell’s press conference oversold, looking for a reason to go higher. Powell’s somewhat dovish comments just enough to perk up oversold conditions and weak sentiment and off to the races we went. But inflation is still high and until the... read more →
May 04
May 04

1Q earnings update

We are entering the busiest days of 1Q reporting season for companies in the S&P 500 index. While only 212 companies have reported results over the last couple of weeks, another 228 will report before the end of next week, reaching a total of 88% of the S&P 500 index’s... read more →
May 03

#49: Heather Rhoades | Estate Planning

Heather Rhoades is Chairman of Cummings & Lockwood's Private Clients Group and is Partner in Charge of the West Hartford office.  She practices in the areas of estate planning, estate settlement, trust administration and charitable planning. I really love kind of the collaborative approach in general...I find that really the... read more →
Apr 26

The bulk of the yield curve is not inverted

At the beginning of April, the 10-2 year yield curve briefly inverted, creating widespread hysteria in the financial media. However, despite what you may have been hearing or reading, an inversion of the 10-2-year yield curve does not necessarily mean that a recession is imminent. Historically, a 10-2-year yield curve... read more →
Apr 20
Apr 12

It’s that time of the quarter again

Earnings reporting season for Q1 2022 is about to kick off. As usual, the first week will be dominated by financial heavyweights such as J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and the likes, which will give us a first taste of how corporate America fared during this tumultuous quarter.... read more →
Apr 07