At Congress Wealth Advisor Solutions, our mission is to help our advisors work smarter, not harder. Running an advisory practice in today’s environment requires skill, dedication, and training in a wide variety of areas, some having little to do with actual financial consulting.

Toward that mission, we’ve assembled a set of practice tools to help our Strategic Partners run their practices more efficiently, effectively and in a more client-friendly way. That way, our advisors have more time to spend working on and presenting client solutions, and less time discovering their own . . .

Financial Planning – This includes things like worksheets, check lists, templates and other documents in a platform that makes it easy to customize plans for each client.

Investments – Our portfolios offer a wide range of choices for clients at every level of risk tolerance and asset allocation flexibility.

Practice Management – Its all about efficiency, transparency, and client service, and our Senior Executives are here for you, to help assess your operation, and guide your choices along the way to building a better, stronger practice.

Operations Management – This is where the technology and the back office support come together to help you spend more time in front of clients, and spend less time troubleshooting and building workarounds.

Compliance – This is a critical piece of an advisory firm’s business and we are pleased to work with leading compliance consultant AdvisorAssist to provide compliance support to our Strategic Partners.

Continuity & Succession Planning – This is where the present meets the future, and where our solutions show just how valuable they really are. Value protection for your family, continuity of service for your clients, peace of mind for you – everybody can win!